Made in Italy

Life in the North of Italy is very different from the South. The idyllic South of the movies fulfils the Mediterranean expectation, whereas the North is the real heart of Europe. Historically, we have been influenced by many cultures: Spanish, French, Austrian. At home we’re just 20 kilometres from Switzerland, and Milano is the most cosmopolitan city in Italy.

In the South, they are used to delicate foods like mozzarella and tomatoes and seafood. In the North, we are proud of our Parmigiano Reggiano and prosciutto di Parma and big warming dishes like polenta and risotto.

Made In Italy

Made in Italy Food & Stories is the title of Giorgio Locatelli’s second book, stacked with stories about food, life, family and conviviality. Giorgio’s delight in food shines through on every page of this exciting book, whether he is reminiscing about the dishes of his native Lombardy or explaining how to make the ultimate risotto. With stunning photographs from Dan Lepard and hundreds of recipes, Food & Stories brings the warmth of Giorgio’s hospitality right into your home.

The hardback edition of Made in Italy is currently sold out but it is available from Waterstones as a paperback and eBook.